Ziggy & Bowie

All American Mutt
11 & 13 years
Ziggy & Bowie

Bowie (black) and Ziggy (black & white) are a special pair of dogs that Young at Heart rescued. They were rescued from the city shelter after being surrendered there, and were completely shut down and terrified of absolutely everything and everyone. They acted like dogs that didn't see much of the world before being dropped off at the pound, and had quite a hard time adapting and trusting again. They have made amazing strides since coming to Young at Heart, and they have found their forever home with our sanctuary program. Bowie (black dog) adapted fairly easily, and is now a happy wiggly boy. His confidence is what Ziggy relies on to make sure he's ok. Without Bowie, Ziggy is shy and withdrawn, and would rather hide than interact with people. But with Bowie by his side, he ventures into his braver side, and will follow Bowie's lead. Bowie happily meets new people now, and is willing to go for little walks and get loved on. They both accept treats and pets from new people, and Bowie enjoys all of it. Ziggy watches this and tentatively accepts whatever Bowie accepts. Thanks to our supporters, Ziggy & Bowie have the life with Young at Heart that they have always deserved, one full of love and safety.

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