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Below are some of our most current and urgent pet wishes, as well as bigger wishes to help us care for senior pets in 2019. Thank you for spreading kindness by choosing to grant a Warm & Fuzzy Wish for senior pets!

bailey wish
Bailey and her senior friends love orthopedic beds for a comfortable snooze that is easy on their joints.
Orthopedic Bed: $40 each

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mike wish
Mike and his friends love to drink out of fountains, and Ceramic Water Fountains are their favorite type.
Ceramic Water Fountain: $63.95 each

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rocky wish
Rocky wishes for comfort to keep him young at heart, and his arthritis medication is a big part of that!
One month of Arthritis Medication: $30.00

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chloes wish

Chloe's wish is a simple one, as every senior pet loves a good heated bed on a chilly day!
Heated Bed: $30.00 each

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selena wish

Selena's wish is a medical one, as she tore her ACL playing in the soggy yard and now needs surgery. Help a little or a lot, every dollar helps!
ACL Surgery and follow up visits: $3500

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sadie wish

Sadie knows how scary a new transition can be, so her wish is for Quiet Cottages for the new adoption center. These are fiberglass cages for new arrivals that are warm, quiet, and part of a "Fear Free" transition to a new life.
Quiet Cottage: Small $2000, Medium $3500, Large $4000

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allie wish
Allie's wish is a practical one - a vet exam for her and her friends when they need to see the doc.
Vet Exam: $15 each

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sweetie wish
Sweetie knows that at age 17, bloodwork is a simple diagnostic tool to help keep her and her senior friends healthy!
Bloodwork: $50 each

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tiggers wish
Tigger wishes for Joint supplement to help keep him and all of his senior friends more comfortable as they play.
Joint Supplement $25.00 per bottle

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baby girls wish
Baby Girl wishes for good treats, and it doesn't matter what kind!
Yummy Treats! $5 per package

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opies wish
Opie wishes for IV Fluids for our dogs and cats who have kidney issues like he does.
IV Fluids: $11 per bag

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tinks wish
Tink's wish is a big one - a Utility Vehicle for the adoption center to haul supplies, check fences around the 8 acres, plow snow so friends can visit her on snowy days, and lots of other needs.
Grant the whole wish or a bit of it! UTV with plow $13,982.00

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jack wish

Jack wishes for any size help with the vet bills for himself and all of his senior friends at Young at Heart. He knows how important good vet care is! Any amount will grant his wish!
Vet bills: Any amount

jacks wish

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