Items Currently Needed for the Adoption Center: (Updated 1.1.21)

Donations may be dropped off outside of the gate in the donation bin, which is on camera and checked multiple times a day. Donations cannot currently be dropped off inside the building. Donations can also be mailed to the adoption center: 4301 S IL Route 47, Woodstock IL 60098. Please also be sure to scroll down to check items we cannot currently accept.

  • Gift Cards to the following: Menards, Home Depot, Pet Supplies Plus, Farm & Fleet,,, Office Depot, Staples.
  • All Purpose Copy/Printer Paper for Inkjet Printers
  • Feliway diffuser refills
  • Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent (liquid only) & Fabric Softener Sheets (must be septic friendly detergent)
  • “Forever” Postage Stamps
  • Lysol/Clorox Disinfectant Wipes
  • Kitchen size garbage bags (drawstring/unscented please)
  • Fromm Dry Dog Food - Senior (in order to prevent tummy issues in a cageless environment, we do not accept any other foods)
  • Fromm Canned Chicken & Rice Dog Food (in order to prevent tummy issues in a cageless environment, we do not accept any other foods)
  • Scoop Away or Tidy Cat Multicat Scoopable or lightweight litter
  • Pill Pockets by Greenies
  • Paper towels
  • Septic safe toilet paper
  • Fromm Dry Cat Food - Hasen Duckenpfeffer flavor (in order to prevent tummy issues in a cageless environment, we do not accept any other foods)
  • Fancy Feast PATE Chicken & Beef selection (in order to prevent tummy issues in a cageless environment, we do not accept any other foods)
  • Dishwasher tabs
  • Bleach
  • Lysol spray
  • Plain Ice Cream Cones

Medication Donations (Updated 1.1.21)

If you would like to donate your pet's left over medications, please email us at with the medication list. Medications must not be expired. Below is a list of medications we always accept:

  • NSAIDS (Rimadyl/Carprofen, Galliprant, Deramaxx, etc)
  • Antibiotics (Clavamox, Baytril, etc)
  • Denamarin
  • Unopened Dasaquin, Cosequin, and other chewable joint supplements
  • Gabapentin
  • Prednisone
  • Atopica
  • Apoquel
  • Vetoryl
  • Trazadone
  • Medications used for heart disease
  • Veterinary prescribed heartworm prevention
  • Veterinary prescribed flea & tick prevention
  • Unopened subcutaneous fluids
  • Metronidazole
  • Probiotics
  • Prescription Food - We ONLY accept RX gastro diets (any brand) for dogs or cats, Royal Canin SO for cats, and Royal Canin Renal Support for dogs and cats. We do not accept any other RX food at this time. 

We currently CANNOT accept the following items: (Updated 1.1.21)


Due to overwhelming generosity of our supporters or for the safety of our senior pets, we cannot currently accept any of the following items. For many of these items, we are simply out of storage space. Please check with your vet to see if another family may be able to use your senior pet's gently used ramps, stairs, wheelchairs, etc.

  • For health and safety reasons, we cannot accept OPEN or EXPIRED bags/containers of pet food, or USED dog/cat toys.
  • Unopened pet foods which are not listed in our wishlist 
  • Rawhide chews, pig ears, hooves, or bone treats
  • Sheets, blankets, comforters, or other household bedding
  • Used pet beds
  • Used leashes/collars/pet jackets/sweaters
  • Used litterboxes/scoops
  • Pet bowls
  • Pet ramps
  • Pet stairs
  • Pet wheelchairs
  • Non-dog/cat items such as hamster/ferret/rabbit/fish supplies
  • Airline/plastic travel crates
  • Cat carriers/cat bags
  • Metal dog cages/crates
  • Outdoor dog kennels or dog houses
  • Banks of cages or other used kennel/grooming equipment
  • Used cat trees
  • Household furniture


Amazon Wishlist (Updated 1.1.21)

wish list iconYoung at Heart's Wish List

If you enjoy shopping to help senior pets and would like the convenience of having it delivered for you, check out our Amazon Wishlist - be sure to use Amazon Smile so a percentage of your purchase is also donated to Young at Heart! Amazon does not always alert us to the donor of the items, so please email us at if you need confirmation of delivery of in-kind donations. 


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